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Waxing at Home provide waxing treatments all over Doncaster with a huge database of wax technicians based in and around Doncaster you will always be able to get an appointment. Waxing at Home is part of the Mobile Beauty UK group providers of mobile beauty services to homes all over the UK.

Waxing is not something everyone would openly want to go into a beauty salon and ask to get done, some people are more private and for those we have a mobile waxing service which allows you to get these services done in your own home.

The waxing treatments that are available from us to homes throughout Doncaster are as follows:

Bikini Waxing in Doncaster

To get a bikini wax is to get the pubic area that could be on show waxed to make the area neat and tidy. Bikini waxing is not what you would class and intimate waxing treatment as you are only waxing the bikini line. The bikini line is the area left when getting a bikini wax and many ladies will initially ask to get their bikini line done. The bikini wax in its purest form which is what we have just gone through is not an intimate wax treatment, intimate waxing treatments are specialized and need a separate qualification to be able to administer.


Brazilian waxing in Doncaster

The Brazilian wax is probably the most well known intimate waxing treatment and this is what we will look at here. The Brazilian waxing treatment removes almost all the hair from the pubic area only leaving a very little amount. If the client so wishes they can opt for hair to be removed from the thighs and the inside of the bottom.

The Brazilian is known for the piece of hair that is left over after the treatment; this is known as the runway. The runway sometimes gets made into other shapes and some very skilled technicians do create some really fancy designs. This piece of hair is the only bit of hair you will have left in the public region if you have a Brazilian wax treatment. If you decided to get all the hair removed when having a Brazilian you would actually be getting a totally different treatment and this is what we will go through next.


Hollywood waxing in Doncaster

The Hollywood wax is practically the same as the Hollywood wax except for the piece of hair that is remaining after a Brazilian. The Brazilian wax treatment as we saw before removes all hair from the bikini area leaving a small piece of hair, hair from the inside of the bottom is also removed on the clients orders.

With the Brazilian wax the only hair left anywhere around the part getting waxed is a small strip sometimes known as the runway. No hair will be left if a client goes for a Hollywood wax; hair will also be removed from the inside of the bottom and thighs too.

There is no difference between Hollywood waxes and Brazilian waxes except for the hair that is left after a Brazilian. The Hollywood wax treatment leaves no hair at all whilst the Brazilian wax treatment leaves a little hair.


Body waxing in Doncaster

Waxing treatments are not only carried out on the bikini area, the other areas that waxing treatments are carried out on are looked at here. The client can opt to get hair waxed off that is causing embarrassment on any part of the body.

Such waxes include the following such as:

Facial waxing: Waxing the face is very common, many people get places like the lip, chin, sideburns, eyebrows and forehead waxed.

Chest waxing: Chest waxing does get done by men more than by women but women do occasionally get their chest waxed.

Leg waxing: Leg waxing in Doncaster is very popular, leg waxing is more common in a women’s world but men do also get their legs waxed.

Arm/Underarm waxing: A unisex treatment for removing hair from the arms or underarms.


Male waxing in Doncaster

Back waxing: Back waxing is much more common with men needing to remove hair from the lower back or the upper back/shoulders. Some men get more hair on their shoulders and lower back than they would like, back waxing will remove this hair with no trouble at all.

The back sack and crack wax: Men are the only recipients of a back sack and crack wax for removing hair from the back, bottom and pubic area. Back sack and crack waxes are not available in every area of the UK; you will have to check to see if this service is available via home visit in your area. We have many home salons providing back sack and crack waxes; please check even if we do not provide it on a mobile basis.

Mobile waxing treatments are carried out using wax pots or wax tubes, all therapists are qualified and insured.

Other forms of hair removal in Doncaster

Sugaring: The other hair removal treatment provided by some of our wax therapists is called sugaring, sugaring is provided only in some parts of the UK; find out if we provide sugaring in Doncaster today.

To book a waxing treatment in your home in Doncaster:


Waxing at Home covers all parts of Doncaster including:

Goole, Scunthorpe, Barton-upon-Humber, Brigg, Gainsborough, Retford, Grimsby, Barnetby, Ulceby, Immingham

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